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Scheherazade's List

The storyteller always said, "Stories can save us."

Shamera K. Tsukishirou
8 November
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shamera is the writing journal of tsukishirou!

& This journal contains mostly fanfiction works, although there are a few pieces of original fiction interspaced between the entries. Most of the fanfiction comes from fandoms such as Harry Potter, Fullmetal Alchemist, Naruto, Merlin, Final Fantasy XIII, or other fandoms which might interest the authoress at the time.

& This journal contains mature subject matter. Yes, this is fiction. This is also a journal and a warning- don't go running off crying or flaming when the subjects of suicide, homosexuality, murder, and etc pop up.

& By the term 'mostly open', this journal has posts which are open to public viewing is deemed appropriate for general audiences. This goes up to the subject rating of R. Anything beyond that will be locked, and only viewable to the friends' list.

& To be added to the list of people who will be able to read all entries, please comment here and specify just what it is that you find okay to read. The authoress takes no responsibility if you've commented, and then read, and had to clean out your brain with a metal scrub.

& Normal disclaimers apply. Authoress does not down the fandoms for which she writes fanfiction, nor does she make any money off her writings. Also, original fiction is not to be stolen, or tampered with without the authoress's explicit permission.

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